The Glorious Liberation of the People's Technocratic Republic of Vinnland by the combined forces of the United Territories of Europa

For over 300 years the peoples of Vinnland have been suppressed by their corrupted rulers. Their history eradicated, their culture trampled under the boot of American capitalism and imperialism. Many were driven westward and put in “reserves”. Others were made to abandon their old practices and forcefully integrate into the society of the capitalist oppressor. Futhermore they were violently forced to convert to Christianity, abandoning their believes in the Æsirs, and forced to believe a monotheistic lie.
But the Vinnland blood strain, pale skinned, black haired people are spread throughout the lands of America.

They live unnoticed among us and wait for the day they can reclaim the country which is legally theirs and which they love so much. Under the leadership of the fearless Peter Steele the United Vinnland Peoples Front (disguised as the band Type O Negative) spreads its message of paganism, love for nature and socialist political ideals to the indigenous population of Vinnland. Campaigns have been underway since 1989 to inform, educate and convert many young people across both Vinnland and Europa for the ideals of the Vinnish people and the upcoming glorious liberation.

In an attempt to eradicate the Capitalist occupation the UVPF is now bolstering support from the Europeans to help them in their efforts. Soon the United Territories of Europa will combine their forces and sail across the cold Atlantic ocean to help their brothers in need. It will be a long and hard battle, but the Vinnlanders are proud and tough, and will prevail in liberating their country.

For a free Vinnland!